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4 Tips for More Satisfied Beauty Salon Customers

Satisfied salon clients would mean a reliable stream of income & a more relaxed salon CEO — well that’s you. While it is indispensable to bring new clients every day, your focus must be on one sitting right on your chair to survive during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Did you know it costs way more to secure new clients, rather than holding onto your existing ones? 

Building a happy and loyal client base is about delivering the best experience right from the moment they step into the salon. Here, in this article, we’ll be enlisting the five proven tips to improve salon client satisfaction significantly i. 

 Tip 1: Maintain Professionalism with Salon Wear


Beauty salon uniforms play a pivotal role in enhancing your salon professionalism. Investing in customised salon wear with your brand logo & slogan has a variety of practical benefits to your business. 

Your hair stylists and receptionist in stylish salon uniform that aligns with your brand image adds a layer of professionalism and your business memorably. It is the first thing that your client will notice as soon as they enter through the door. 

Pick a colour and design for your salon apparel that seamlessly blends with the overall theme of your hair salon. Matching salon aprons on your staff will make them appeal sophisticated, fostering confidence in your customer’s minds. 

Bespoke salon wear is a powerful and cost-effective way to promote and advertise your brand wherever your staff goes. 

In addition, wearing a brand on the sleeves instill a sense of pride & responsibility in your workforce motivating them to go that extra mile in satisfying each client, so that they thank you with a big smile on their face.  

At GNM Apparel, we are leaders in designing & producing fashion-forward, premium-quality salon uniforms for hair and beauty professionals. With a brand logo and text, you can customise your staff uniform to appeal to be professional and confident all day long. Being a trusted beauty uniform supplier, we ensure everything is smooth, right from selection, ordering to the delivery process. If you want to speak with our specialists to know how we can design the perfect uniform, call or text 949-759-2093

Tip 2: Creating a Relaxing Mood

The pursuit of excellent client satisfaction starts from the moment they step into your beauty salon. A calming Bob Marley’s playlist and scented candles could be a perfect welcome to your clients. 

Design your customer waiting room to be relaxing & inviting as well as ample seating space while maintaining proper hygiene. A refreshment drink like tea or juice is a bad idea. Even a glass of water will make your clients feel special. 

Tip 3: Effects of Etiquettes

Your salon staff needs to imbibe required etiquettes if you want re-visiting clients. Start with training your reception staff on how to meet & greet each client by exhibiting polite mannerisms and etiquettes. For instance, it would be best if they address clients by their name to make them feel special & important. 

Also, ensure that services recommended by your hairstylists are per the client’s requirements and past experiences. Do not over promote any hair or beauty care treatment beyond a limit. 

Tip 4: Comfortable Client Robes

Comfort is the key when buying client robes for your salon. It must present a sense of class and luxury as soon as they slip in. Usually made out of breathable & lightweight material, such a microfiber fabric, it provides great comfort, and improves the mood of the wearer. Purchase client robes that come with effortless snapping & unsnapping. 

GNM Apparel design client robes with a non-detachable, sewn-in belt that gracefully ties around the hips & waist for a comfortable fit. 

Let’s Wind Up

In today’s cutthroat competition, the standards for salon client satisfaction are higher than ever. So, to keep your customers satisfied, you’ve to be at the edge, continuously evolving to guarantee satisfaction.

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