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Care Guide

How do I care for my G&M Salon apparel?

Proper care for your G&M Salon Apparel will ensure longevity for your towels, capes, robes, and aprons! Prior to first use, please view our Care Instructions for more information. Following these recommendations will maintain the premium quality of your salon apparel.

If you would like to iron them, please ensure that you use a hot, no steam iron on the underside of the fabric.

How to Wash Your G&M Salon Towels/ Capes/Aprons/Robes

  • Always wash your robes and capes separate from your salon towels.
  • Prior to first use, wash towels in cold water with the same colors.
  • Never wash towels with other garments, such as robes, capes, and aprons.
  • Separate Light and Dark garments- Before washing, separate the light and dark colors into their own loads. 
  • Do Not Overload the Washing Machine – Place your garments in the washing machine and avoid overloading.
  • Use Less Detergent – Using too much laundry detergent can cause your garments to get stiff. Most detergents are fine for washing garments, so your favorite should work just fine.
  • Washing Machine Cycle - Cold water on gentle setting is highly recommended.
  • What Temperature Should I select?
  • White and lighter-colored garments wash well with the hot water setting. Hot water helps to brighten white and light-colored for better cleaning. this was from the Peacock site, is this applicable to our white-colored garments?
  • Dark-colored should be washed with a cold or lukewarm water setting. Warm water helps preserve the colors and get rid of bacteria.
  • If there’s static on your garments, you may use dry sheets and fabric conditioner.

How to Dry Your G&M Salon Towels/ Capes/ Aprons / Robes

  • We recommend tumble dry on low heat or hang dry your garments to ensure quality and prevent fabric issues such as bubbling/ wrinkling.
  • Once you’re done with washing your garments, remove them and shake out any excess water from each individual garment, before you put them in the dryer. This shortens the drying time and helps keep garments soft.