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5 Classic Celebrity Hairstyles That Your Clients Will Love

Yes, the beauty industry has its fair share of perks, and every hairdresser deserves appreciation, but there are myriad challenges that no one will warn you before you launch your beauty salon. 

Out of these, staying upbeat with the latest hairstyles among women is the cornerstone of your business’s success.  Here, are five classic hairstyles that will never go out of style:-

#1 Perfect Pixie

It is timeless, chic, and looks fantastic on women of all age groups. This is a beautiful way to wear short hair while adding thickness and dimensions to the overall look.

Many celebrities have been spotted trying this hairstyle for their red-carpet look, and it goes with most face types. This glamorous hairstyle takes a lot of effort and practice to satisfy your clients.

Adding new hairstyles to your hair salon menu card is a powerful means to promote your services, but your hairstylists wearing smart hairdresser aprons are what builds a sense of trust and confidence among most clients. 

Not only uniform will make your staff look professional, but also save the clothes from getting ruined from dye, bleach or wax. Get interesting suggestions for salon apparel at  949-500-0029!

#2 Classic Bob

Even in 2020, no men can turn a blind eye to a woman wearing the classic bob hairstyle. Simple yet elegant, the hair locks are a perfect party look. 

It is perfect for adding hair in finer volume textures that look great on most women, especially those above 40. 

#3 Side Swept Bangs

Most ladies love the side-swept bangs to add more fun and personality to their hairstyle without any hassle. Be it a corporate meet or your friend’s wedding, you’ll be rocking in the side-swept bangs.  This hairstyle looks amazing on flatter face types and will sweep you off your feet.

#4 The Shag

The shag haircut is quite versatile, therefore, adored by women of all age groups, decades after decades. Different hair textures, lengths, face shapes go incredibly with the shag hairstyle.  Many celebrity divas have seen flaunting this ultra-layered hairstyle with parts & center bangs.

#5 French Bob

The deviation from the classic bob presents an elegant European look that will make you a point of interest anywhere you go. 

This hairstyle includes a haircut short around the jawline and bangs sweeping in front of the eyebrows. 


In case you’ve any classic hairstyle from the 90s to recommend, share with us in the comment section of this blog post, we would like to hear your opinion. 






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