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Running a salon is definitely not easy. Managing expenses can be troublesome. The constant purchasing of products doesn’t help either. 

One of the most used apparels in a salon is a towel. Almost every service requires you to use a towel. Keeping this in mind, purchasing towels in bulk could reduce at least some of the salon operational work. 

But how do you buy salon towels in bulk? What parameters should you consider before the big purchase?

  • Material

The first and most important thing to consider is the material that you need. You need absorbent towels for hair, microfiber towels for frizzy hair. So how do you decide? Buy an assortment of different materials to fulfil your salon needs. The most important materials that you must have at all times are

  • Cotton - Cotton towels are excellent for hair. They are soft and absorbent, and do not damage hair. Cotton towels can either be 100 percent cotton or cotton blends. 100 percent cotton towels are more absorbent and durable. Cotton blend towels are able to retain their shape over a longer period of time.
  • Microfiber - Microfiber is a synthetic material that’s closest to cotton. Microfiber towels are very absorbent, durable and retain their shape over longer periods of time. They are also more affordable. 
  • Linen - Linen towels are not as common as cotton and microfiber. They are not as comfortable. Salon owners do not prefer to use these because of the texture.
  • Size

Salons need different sizes of towels for their myriad needs. Do you know what each size is called? Let's get into it. 

  • Washcloths - Washcloths are mostly used for facial care. They can also be used to rub down the body. These towels are the smallest in size and are needed the most. The measurements of these towels is usually 13 by 13 inches.
  • Hand towels - These are towels we hang up in our houses to dry our hands. The towels hanging in your kitchens and bathrooms are hand towels. These are also used in salons for facial cleansing. These usually measure 15 by 25 inches.
  • Bath towels - These towels are used to dry the entire body after a shower or a bath. They usually measure 30 by 60 inches and are larger versions of bath towels. 
  • Bath sheets - These are even larger than the bath towels and have the same function. They are used to dry off after a shower or a bath. The bath sheet measures approximately 40 by 70 inches and is the best to wrap around the body. It gives much more coverage than the bath towels. 
  • Weight

Towel quality is usually judged by the weight. Keep in mind that towels that are heavier will be more luxurious and absorbent. Thus they are better quality. Lighter towels would be thinner and much less absorbent. They would also be more rough on the skin. 

Having said this, heavier towels would also be more difficult to wash. You’d need to keep a bigger stock of towels because heavier towels take time to be washed and dried. On the other hand, thinner towels can be washed and dried faster. 

  • Stitching

Since you’d be washing your towels a lot, you need to know if they would be durable enough to endure the labour. You can look out for a few things to determine whether the towels are durable or not. 

Carefully examine the stitching on the towels. The threads have to be tightly bound and high quality. Low quality stitching will get loose after a few washes and look terrible. Don’t forget to look at the hemming. Ensure that it is tightly folded and stitched. You don’t want it to come undone after a few washes. 

  • Absorbency

Are your towels absorbent? Usually the most absorbent towels are the most comfortable. The absorbency of the towels depends on how fluffy it is. The fluffiness of the towel is determined by the number of loops. The more loops there are the more absorbent it would be. 

While selecting your towels, it may be a good idea to buy a mix of thin and thick towels for your salon use. Depending on what you see fit, you have the option to be flexible. Salons use towels for different purposes. You may not need absorbent towels for drying all the time. It would help to consider the kind of services your salon offers. This would help to make an estimate of how many towels you would need. 

Visit us for salon wearonline and place your order for a salon towel and other apparel. Add your logo or seek any other customization, we are happy to help. 


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