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5 Tips to Make Your Salon Uniform Last Longer

From creating a brand identity to representing your business, making you feel comfortable, and a lot more, salon wear is one of the reasons behind a successful running beauty business.

salon wear

While dressing up well plays a very important role at a salon, taking proper care of your uniform is equally important to look presentable every day.

Herein, we are sharing 5 tips to keep your salon apparel maintained for a longer time:

1. Wash Carefully

Washing your dress the right way will reduce the chances of colour fading and will protect the fabric from sharp things that might ruin the logo.

Wash Carefully

Some of the tips to follow while washing uniforms are:

  • Avoid washing them excessively as this can make your workwear lose shine.
  • The washing treatment should be given as per the kind of fabric.
  • To prevent your uniform from losing its color, hand wash it in cold water.
  • Avoid washing an entire uniform to remove a stain. Instead, smoothly dab the stained spot with detergent.

2. Follow the Care Instructions

Many salon professionals often ignore the tiny care labels that are often sewn inside the uniform.

These labels carry important washing, drying, and ironing instructions for that style.

Every fabric needs different care and hence its the best to follow the given instructions to preserve your uniform for a longer period.

3. Avoid using harsh chemicals

Using bleach, disinfectant solutions, and other harsh chemicals can damage your salon uniforms badly.

For instance, these products when used on dark-coloured salon apparel can create unsightly spots or can break down the fibers of the clothing.

no bleaching

Use a detergent specifically designed for uniforms to prevent discolouration and formation of any spots. This makes your uniform look new and stylish every time you wear it.

4. Follow the right way to dry and iron uniforms

Oftentimes, people feel it is convenient to put their uniform into the clothes dryer when they don’t have an extra pair.

However, regular tumble drying can cause your clothes to shrink and can lead to deep wrinkles. 

Dry your uniform on the rope, out in direct sunlight for effective results.

Moreover, your uniform must hold a finished and neat look which can be achieved by giving the right ironing treatment.

5. Store uniform properly

Storing the uniform the right way is a crucial part of maintenance.

Keeping the uniform under the reception desk, hanging off a hook,  or on the chair is not ideal.

Also, avoid keeping them in places with strong odors or humidity as this can make uniform fabric weak.  Store them in a safe and dry place like in your wardrobe to boost its life.

Let’s wrap up

A salon uniform is important to build a positive and long-lasting impression on your clients.

As a salon owner, you must guide your staff to follow the necessary steps to take care of their apparel.

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