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A Guide on How your Salon Business Can Survive During the COVID-19 Times?

Besides the tourism industry, one sector which has drastically impacted during the pandemic is hair salon & beauty. The strict lockdown restrictions initially, and now the ongoing fear of scarier coronavirus mutants has taken a toll on those running a salon business. 

So, now you have to make genuine efforts to get your business back on track. To help you out, we have created a mini-guide on what you can do to make your salon survive through these challenging times. Let’s find out:-

Step 1: Invest in the Right Safety Gear & Accessories for Your Hair Stylists

Now, this is time to show your clients how much you care for them. These days, customers don’t choose a salon based on how talented their hair stylists are, instead, how clean and hygienic the ambiance is, and how safe they feel there. 

So, invest in the CDC-recommended safety gear and accessories for your salon staff. 

Secondly, buy high-quality towels, and ensure that they are sanitized before or after every use. And, the same goes with the salon apparel of your hairstylists. By doing so, you'll not only get new appointments but also help in improving your customer retention rate.

Step 2: Promote Your Salon On Social Media 

What’s the point of all the Covid-19 safety measures if people do not know about that, right?  Use social media to rebrand yourself in the ongoing pandemic.
Instagram is an authentic, powerful way to market your salon brand without hard sales. You can use it as a weapon to win the trust of the current clients and attract new clients in the local market. 

Highlight what safety measures you are talking about at your salon to ensure a virus-free environment. These include new guidelines like 

  • visits are allowed by appointment only;
  • you entertain clients only after they fill out the health screening questionnaire;
  • a dedicated team rigorously disinfects every room and instrument used; and 
  • strict adherence to the state norms and COVID-19 protocols. 

Don't forget the right visuals to do the sales pitch, and infuse confidence in your clients to book their appointment at your salon. 

When posting on social media, be it Instagram or any other site, the focus should be on quality, not quantity.

Step 3: Offer Special Deals & Discounts

You need to be creative & disciplined to attract new clients when offering special deals and discounts. Promotional discounts have an integral role in marketing to new hair/beauty clients. Use these coupons to introduce your loyal clients to new treatments, products, and services. 

A successful discount marketing campaign can certainly aid in bolstering the dull weekdays. However, if you too impatiently, aggressively promote deals and discounts, you’ll have to confront with the following downsides:-


  • Reduced profitability, thus making it tough to sustain.
  • Damage to your salon brand. 
  • Dent customer patience and confidence.
  • Lower brand loyalty.

    Step 4: List Your Salon Business on Google My Business

    If you have not done it, do it asap. Use Google My Business to drive more salon appointments. 

    Your Salon’s Google My Business Profile Following the Perks:-
    • Your business appears whenever people search for a local salon.
    • It displays reviews and ratings, which is a clear social signal for people to visit your salon. 
    • It provides complete information, right from business hours, and addresses to your contact information. 
    • Your Google My Business Profile connects to your Google Ads, which is critical if you are advertising to attract new clients. 
    • And, finally, it places your salon on a map so that your potential clients can easily locate it. 

    So, why think or rethink, claim & verify your salon’s Google My Business listing today. Make sure your business and contact information is complete. Add your categories and business description to reach the right audience. And, don’t forget to add beautiful photos to your listing. 

    Step 5: Garner Reviews & Ratings

    Reviews and ratings matter a lot to your salon brand. Customer feedback on sites such as Yelp or Google Business, and even social media helps in building salon credibility. The reviews improve the results from your search engine optimization efforts. 

    You can ask for a review from every client by sending them a thank you email with a link to leave feedback. 

    You can ask questions such as how safe and hygienic they found their salon? Were the COVID-19 protocols properly followed? Whoever reads such reviews will gain the confidence to trust your salon during the COVID-19 times.

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