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How to Choose the Right colour for Your Salon Uniform?


Salon Uniform

Whether you are in the planning phase of opening a hair and beauty salon or looking for new ways to increase daily bookings, understanding the impact of colours is crucial.  Not just of interiors but the staff uniform as well. 

A recent study revealed that 85% of the consumers consider colours as a significant factor when buying a product, while 92% acknowledged that visual appearance does play an integral role. 

Colours are even more important when considering salon wear. You've to pick a colour that goes well with your salon brand and is memorable for your clients. A team with all the members wearing uniform in the same colour is likely to send a unified message to whoever enters your salon.

Fortunately, there's science behind which colour is right for your salon uniform. And this blog is all about that.

Table of Content

  • Why are colours Important?
  • How do people respond to colour?
  • Look at the Popular colours

    #1. Why Are Colours Important?

    We all know the first impression counts. This is even more important when it comes to your salon since it is the first thing your prospective clients come across.  While the colour of the walls and interior decor are important, what your staff is wearing is equally important. 

    Colours have the uncanny ability to elicit feelings & emotions; besides, they convey your brand message as well. This enables your potential clients to form an impression about your hair and beauty salon.

    Simply put, the colour of the uniform your staff wears is powerful enough to influence people’s opinion, whether they should book a hair cutting session at your salon or not. 

    #2. How Do People Respond to Colours?

    As a layman, we associate red colour with danger and beauty with pink, but each of the colours has distinct meanings. There is a whole science known as colour psychology that studies how different colours affect people’s perceptions & behaviours. 

    • Orange: Full of Vitality.
    • Green:Aligns with prestige & wealth.
    • Blue: Trustworthy & reliable.
    • Purple: Symbolic for royalty.
    • Brown: down-to-earth and honest
    • White: Simplicity and innocence
    • Black: Sophisticated and elegant
    • Multicolour: United or open to everything. 

    There are several factors to mull over when deciding on the colours. For your brand, would you go with a classic navy blue or black with an embroidered colour logo?

    You have to consider the type of industry you are in. For instance, for say legal, government, or legal, you've to be subtle with colours. 

    But here, we are talking about a salon business, which is all about making the right impression. 

    You can play with multiple colours to create a distinctive brand image. 

    Another factor to think upon is the practicality of the uniform when selecting the colour. Since you are into the beauty business and using bleach, oil and other beauty products is unavoidable. So, pick the colour that hides light accidental stains and marks. This way, your entire staff can maintain a professional image in front of the clients.

    #3. Look at the Popular colours

    When it comes to buying hair stylist capes and aprons, the colour holds a great importance.  It should not be that dull to hold the attention of customers or too loud for them to turn their eyes away. 

    Even in the hair and beauty industry, you are competing with well-known salons in the market.  Do you want to look the same?  Decide on the colour based on your salon's USP. For example, if you use only safe, natural products, then green could be a preferred option to illuminate this facet of your salon. 

    So, to avoid getting lost in the crowd, pick a unique colour that reflects your salon’s distinctive personality. 


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