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How to Renovate your Hair Salon on a Budget?

Just a year or more back, you invested money in renovating your hair salon, but the fittings and features with time look shabby and worn out. 

Being a cut-throat competitive industry, ensures that things in your salon are optimum to stand out amongst your market rivals. At the same time, you've to keep an eye on your budget, as you probably don't want to fall into the traps of business debts. 

With this in mind, we've created a mini-guide on renovating your hair salon without investing an insane amount of money. So, scroll down and have a look:-

Step 1: Personalized Salon Wear

Personalized Salon Wear

While you’ve given a new look to your hair salon, what about the beauty and hair specialists? Brand-customized hair salon cape and hairdresser aprons will increase the professional feel of your salon. 

Get your staff dressed in the same colour for a consistent feel, and make everyone look professional. 

Here, are some reasons that suggest investing in professional uniform is so important:

  • Create a memorable brand for your salon business.
  • Your hairstylists will feel stylish and comfortable.
  • Prevent the clothes from getting damaged while using beauty/hair products.
  • Makes your hair stylists appeal presentable to your clients. 

At G&M Salon Apparel, we design beauty salon uniforms, smocks, aprons, capes, and more. Ask for a customized order today!

Step 2: Front of the Salon

Make a lasting impression in the mind of whoever walks through your salon's front door by putting up an aesthetic appearance. 

Pay great emphasis on the overall design, but also promote your services and treatments too.  Think out of the box, don't just stick to the four-walls, think about the flooring and ceilings. 

Add the vibrancy of colors and patterns to your ceiling by painting your ceilings into vivid colors or making the area feel spacious by simply painting it white. 

Make sure you pick a theme that reflects your ideal clientèle. For instance, young people in an uber-trendy city will have different tastes than those living in the countryside.

Step 3: The Reception Desk

The Reception Desk

The reception desk is the first thing your customers come across whenever they visit your place, and the last thing they see before they leave; therefore, the desk needs to be presentable.

Welcomed by professional staff wearing branded salon apparel at the reception desk gives out the perfect vibes.

If you already have a stylish reception desk, breathe new life into repairing it, rather than buying a new one. This way, you'll save a couple of hundred dollars.  


Step 4: Update with Simple Accessories 

Regarding the style of your salon, “the less is more” is a proven effective approach when designing your salon interiors.

For creating an opulent and luxe feel, you don't have to fill your salon to the brim with accessories and trinkets; just a few accessories can add a luxurious feel to your salon aesthetics. 

Flowers and plants have an uncanny ability to render a tranquil feel, but they need not to be costly. Opt for faux plants, as they require low maintenance, and available in a spectrum of color choices to blend with your salon's theme. 

Just by adding a few mirrors and exciting pictures on the walls will allow your clients to have a look while getting hair washed; further, they make the spacious lighter and bigger than it actually is. 

Step 5: Invest in New Equipment & Furniture

Right from mirrors, reception room sofa to the salon chairs, everything has to be in cohesion with the main theme of the salon.

Add latest beauty products and accessories to provide world-class service to your clients. 

If your salon's essential equipment and furniture has visual signs of deterioration, then it is time to either replace or fix them. This dilemma is generally solved by the budget you've in your mind.


Looking for ways to make your hair stylist look professional? Call or text us at 949-759-2093

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