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    Popular Types of Salon Aprons You Must Know About

    Feel comfortable and look sophisticated; salon aprons are tailored in line with the role of hairstylists and beauty care specialists. Professional salon apparels create consistency and establish a memorable brand identity. 

    Not only it looks stylish, but also hair and beauty professionals  wear it with absolute ease and move freely wearing it all day long. Here, are the most prevalent types of salon aprons in 2020 and beyond:-

    #1. Bib Aprons


    They are the traditional and most popular style of hairdresser aprons that come with an adjustable neck loop and waist ties. The bib aprons have evolved over the years from conventional black and white to various styles, fabrics, and colours.

    They cover your torso to the knee, and come with multiple pockets, making them the most versatile option in the market. You can easily add your brand name and logo to personalize it for your salon. 

    #2. Waist Aprons

    The salon waist aprons do not provide upper body coverage. They are generally shorter in length, and well above the knee, they are quite comfortable and ensure easy movement.  Most styles of aprons have multiple pockets to keep tools of the trade, phone, etc.  

    #3. Cross-Back Aprons

    These are similar to the salon bib aprons, except it sits on the shoulder, and crosses over your back. It provides strain protection even to your neck. 

    The cross-back aprons either have cloth or leather straps. 

    #4. Waterproof Aprons

    PVC and Nylon fabrics are two preferred options if you want waterproof and spill-resistant aprons. It keeps the clothing underneath dry and free of spills, such as dye and wax. 

    These aprons are easy to clean with a damp, clean cloth. 

    #5. Smock Aprons

    They are one-size aprons, anyone can easily slip into it, and provide full coverage. They are quite comfortable and stylish and have wider shoulder straps. 

    They can easily accommodate different body shapes. 

    #6. Denim Aprons

    The denim aprons are available in bib, cross-over, and waist apron options. These denim-aprons are in a fashion-driven range but look modern, durable, and comfortable to wear.

    Why Are Aprons So Important for Hair and Beauty Professionals?
    • To Keep Your Clothes Tidy & Clean.
    • For Added Protection From Things Such as Spills.
    • Keep Tools in Easily Accessible Pockets.
    • For a Professional Look With Branding.

    G&M Salon Apparel has the widest selection of salon aprons in the market. You can pick colour and design that perfectly suits your salon brand. Contact us for a custom quote, call or text us at 949-759-2093