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    Salon Uniform or Not? Decoding The Dilemma

    How did the thought of having a salon uniform hit your mind in the first place?  Possibly your hairstylist staff have a sloppy appearance, and you are looking at ways to improve that.  Yes, professionalism is more about attitude than appeal, but proper uniform has a significant marketing impact which cannot be overlooked.

    What do your clients perceive? The uniform illustrates that the salon is professionally managed,  well-organised, and so they feel comfortable and safe in the hands of your staff. Besides, in just one glance, they can see who is working at the salon, and whom they have to approach. 

    And what does your team think? They get a great sense of pride wearing the uniform, it shows respect for their workspace, and inner motivation to be loyal to the salon. Done right, hairdresser aprons, hair stylist capes and even salon robes are a critical part of overall branding.

    Another reason most hair and beauty professionals prefer a uniform is because then they don’t have to worry about what to wear each day, and no stress of returning home with ruined clothing. As a salon owner, you’ve decided what’s best for the team, clients, and business.

    What Else Salon Uniform Does:

    Foster Team Spirit

    A uniform worn by staff at your hair & beauty salon promotes a real sense of belonging and team spirit, which in turn accentuates their productivity levels. 

    Dress to Impress

    It may sound like a broken record repeating this, but the hair and beauty industry is all about appearance. Hence, it is imperative to make a great first impression in the mind of your potential or new clients, whosoever visits your salon and see your staff dressed professionally. 


    It is advisable to pick the design & colour for your salon wear that seamlessly blends with the overall theme of the brand. Matching stylish aprons on your employees will render a sophisticated appeal, make your brand appeal memorable in the minds of your clients.

    Keep Your Staff Happy

    An apron that your employees can feel comfortable in as well as appealing graceful will boost their morale. Hairstylists feel at ease and happy in their appearance as they work throughout the day. 

    At GNM Salon Apparel, we produce customised salon uniforms with your brand logo printed that will work as hard as your hairstylists. We have been supplying tailored uniforms to some of the top names in the industry of professional spas and salons. You can explore our full range of salon uniforms here.