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Selecting a Hairstylist Uniform Color Scheme

A bespoke salon uniform adds a level of professionalism and presents your hair & beauty salon for years. Without a second thought, how your hairstylists are dressed is the thing that your clients will notice as they walk through the door. Thus,  in turn, makes or breaks the first impression. So, you need to invest in smart and stylish salon-wear. 

However,  you need to pick the colour scheme of your uniform in line with the overall theme of the hair salon. Matching the salon wear will undoubtedly create a sophisticated look, make your brand credible in the minds of your customers. 

But, the Million-Dollar Question is Which Uniform Suit Your Hair Salon Best, Let's Find Out:-

Step 1: Choose Meaningful Colors

Every successful salon brand is one that is not "copyable," authentic; and never goes out of style. Whether you are deciding on the colours based on what you like, how the target audience recognizes you or the colours your salon brand represents. Think about the salon personality and target audience when choosing the uniform colours. 

For instance, if you are a beauty salon only for the ladies, then you can go with colours such as pink, that creates a connection with your female audience. Similarly, for a unisex salon, you have to be  thoughtful with  the colours you pick to establish your unique brand identity in the market. 

Step 2: Pick Two Main Colours

To bind a gorgeous palette for your salon uniform, choose two primary colours. Try not to rely on the stereotypes, as we commonly hear for years. Purple is not necessarily a royal colour. It depends on what kind of company is using it, what shade of purple you've gone with, and what colour you paired with. 

In short, feel free to choose colours that sync with your salon's overall outlook.  And, the easiest thing to do is to first pick two colours, and there on introduce a colour palette that helps your salon brand to stand out in the crowd.

Pick Colors That Reflect Your Name or Value

For example, a green colour salon brand instills confidence in your confidence that you use non-synthetic products. Black is symbolic of true class and sophistication. 

You can choose a sunny colour like warm yellow that creates peace of mind as soon as the client steps into your hair salon. Or, if you want to make a bold impression, then pick stormy colours, such as deep purple. 

Opt for Colors That Reflect Your Salon's Personality

This is a robust and reliable means to decide on colours for your salon apparel. Colours such as pink and blue present the personality of celebration, youth, excitement, and fun. The neutral colours such as beige, shades of white, gray, black are  are subtle, sophisticated and have broader appeal. 

Stand Out From Competitors

If all your competitors have opted for bright dark colours, then why not go with a bright, bold colour such as white, light pink and beige? 

Step 3: Put Together a Palette Based Around Your Two Main Colors

You probably brainstormed a couple of colour ideas. Now, is the right time to take inspiration from some of these ideas and translate them into a beautiful colour palette. 

Several online sites can help you quickly build your colour palette. You need to find colours that look great together. Some of the cool and eye-catch, trendy colour combinations:-

  • Rusty Red and Turquoise 
  • Light Pink and Dark Green
  • Forest Green and Orange
  • And, More

How Can G&M Salon Apparel Appeal Help You?

With a huge selection of colours, print and badges, you can customize your salon apparel for a unified, professional, bespoke staff look. We don't believe in boring and convectional colours & designs. Our fashion designers believe in pushing the boundaries to deliver high-quality, fashion-forward, tailored salon uniforms. Call or text us at 949-759-2093

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