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Shopping for Premium-Grade Salon Towels— What You Need to Know


Salon towels are an essential that you can’t go wrong with.  

Today, we have put together a comprehensive guide on shopping for salon towels:

#1 Know the Towel Manufacturing

First things first, towel construction is a vital consideration when buying salon towels. Since, a salon towel has to be washed before every use, as it is unhygienic to reuse without washing. Therefore, you require salon towels with solid manufacturing to withstand daily washing, rather than one which falls apart from the first wash itself. 

Purchase a salon towel with tight, high-quality stitching, instead of one that has loose threads, as later is a clear sign of poor construction. Avoid a salon towel with double-turned edges as it may become loose during washing.

#2 Look into the Towel Weight 

A heavier towel is often luxurious and soft, and therefore has better quality. They are plush, absorbent, and comfortable. Whereas, a lighter weight towel is thinner and less absorbent. 

While, heavier towels are the preferred choice for salons and spas, but they come at a high price. Also, they take hours to dry up. Stock up salon towels in adequate quantity,

#3 Towel Absorbency Can Not Be Overlooked


The towel's absorbency is a crucial factor to mull over when buying a salon towel. A towel that looks stylish and feels soft may not absorb enough liquid. So, it is not satisfying its primary function. The fluffier the towel is, the more water it will absorb, while a thin one rubs the water around rather than soaking it. But, the issue goes way deeper than this.

The towel absorbency is directly linked to the number of loops it has. The more the number of loops per square inch, the greater the absorbance of the towel will be, and vice versa. Most of us colloquially refer to the loops as fluffiness, so the more fluffy and heavy the towel is, the higher levels of absorbency. 

When choosing a salon towel, make sure you buy one with a double loop as it has better absorbent power, to dry up the face of your client quickly.

#4 Chemical-Proof Towels Are a No-Brainer 

The salon and spa towels often come in contact with different kinds of cosmetic and beauty chemicals. And, if you don’t purchase specialised chemical-resistant towels, they will quickly begin to appear spotty and feel ruined, and require replacements. 

Go with bleach-proof towels that withstand the salon & spa chemicals are the best pick. 

#5 Last, But Not the Least Towel Material 

Here, we review the towels of different materials so that you pick the best one.

Cotton Salon Towels 

These towels are divided into two broad categories, one is the cotton blends, and the other being 100% cotton. 

Both are excellent buys, but pure cotton towels are more absorbent and durable.

Microfiber Towels

They are the biggest rivals of cotton towels. A microfiber towel is long-lasting, durable, and absorbent. Compared to other salon towels, microfiber towels are reasonably affordable in the market. 

However, microfiber towels require special attention before cleaning, otherwise, you will end up ruining them.

Linen Towels

Linen towels are not as prevalent as cotton & microfiber towels. Although they are highly absorbent and odour-resistant, they don’t provide the plush content you expect with any other type.

They feel more like a napkin or tablecloth. For this reason, they are the best choice as salon towels.

Let’s Wind Up 

Need to brand customize your salon towels? Discuss with one of our experts at (949)-759-2093. They can also help you with choosing a salon cape or cutting robe according to your budget & expectations.

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