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Starting a New Salon? A Beginner's Tutorial On Custom Salon Wear

The prospect for a beauty or hair salon always looks impressive in the first place. The industry is steadily growing, even during the COVID-19 fallout, but the increasing competition is a cause of great concern for beautypreneurs. 

So, to be successful, you've to stand out of the crowd; after all, it is an industry that thrives on first impressions & personal appearance. It includes creating a professional & stylish appearance of your staff with bespoke salon wear

Before, you place the order for your hairstylist team's uniform, here are a couple of factors that you cannot ignore. So, let's check out:

#1. Creates a Unique Brand Identity

Take a cue from the top-ranked brands in the beauty industry. Why are they successful? Because they emphasise on creating a memorable brand identity. 

When your hairdressers and reception staff wear your brand on the sleeves in the form of a brand logo or a unique message like a tagline, your brand image will be imprinted in their memory. 

Whether you are an individual hair stylist or managing a beauty salon, salon apparel plays an integral role to create a distinct image in the market. 

To render a professional touch to your salon, you can make your team wear apparel with their name printed on the uniform. Further, it becomes convenient for your clients to address you by your name.  

#2. Comfort Matters

Salon wear must be decided, taking into consideration the role of a particular hair stylist or hairdresser. 

Firstly, the uniform must be comfortable to wear throughout the day. Secondly, it should have one or two big pockets where they can keep scissors, combs and other essentials while giving a haircut or a beauty treatment. 

In a nutshell, proper uniform not only makes your hair stylists appeal stylish but also comfortable and functional to clock long hours at work. 

#3. Create Consistency

When a customer walks in your hair salon for the first time, he or she may have immense doubts and anxiety about the service. But, when they see your staff dressed professionally wearing a hairdresser apron, it instills confidence in them that they are in the professional hands. 

Also, a uniform specially designed for hairdressers creates consistency among other staff members.  From a hair salon cape, robes to aprons and smocks for salon, you can shop with GNM Salon Apparel. CALL TODAY: (949)-759-2093!

#4. Knowing the Fabric

Naturally, breathable fabric such as linen and cotton are preferred to be worn all season. However, such types of fabrics easily absorb & soak spills, thus making it challenging to get rid of later on. 

Polyester is another great fabric option, popular amongst the hair slang and spas, and it is priced well too. If the budget permits, opt for luxurious fabric like silk.

#5. Durability

You aren’t going to buy salon uniforms every month, right? If you are investing a considerable amount of money in custom salon wear, then better be sure, it is worth the dollars in terms of durability. 

Opt for a uniform that is wrinkle-free and tear-resistant. As polyester fabric becomes stinky in no time from body odour, consider a combo of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. 


G&M Salon Apparel have years of experience in manufacturing high-quality, fashion-forward salon uniforms to hair & beauty salons and spas. CALL TODAY: (949)-759-2093!

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