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Types of Salon Capes and How to Choose One?

Salon cape is a drape that protects the client when they are having a haircut or other salon services.

Being a salon owner, you need to research well to invest in premium-quality salon capes. Make sure they are comfortable and can withstand rough & tough use. Salon capes are available in a variety of materials, styles and sizes.

With plenty of choices on the market, it may be challenging to decide on the right one for your spa business. However, this practical guide will help you make a wise investment.

Various Types of Salon Capes According to Material


There are a variety of materials on the market, and the most popular being Nylon. 

Nylon salon capes come in several finishing options. You can pick one that complements your brand image. 

These days the peach skin microfiber fabric is gaining a lot of popularity among salon and spa owners. It is lightweight and keeps you cool even when your client wears it for a considerable amount of time. 

The peach skin microfiber fabric allows the moisture to evaporate, rather than absorbing it like any other fabric — not trapping the heat. It resists shrinkage and wrinkles, even with multiple machine washes. 

For increased durability, you must read the instructions provided with the salon cape. Each cutting cape is unique and requires a different treatment. Most capes are machine washable, while others have dry cleaning instructions. 

The fabric is hypoallergenic as it doesn't cause any allergies. Discover trendy, ultra-stylish, gorgeous microfiber peach skin fabric salon capes at our online salon wear store.

Classifications of Salon Capes 

Both the nylon and peach skin microfiber fabric capes are often termed as “Styling Capes” or “Cutting Capes.” 

Salon capes are also categorized as "Chemical Cape" or "Shampoo Cape." 

Although all the material types are suitable for “Hair-Cuts,” peach skin microfiber fabric is most preferred because the hair can be easily shaken as the fabric is lightweight. Plus, your clients won’t feel warm. 

Shampoo capes are another option as they are affordable and suitable to use while drying hair. 

The vinyl cutting capes are not breathable and comfortable if the temperature is warm or the client is wearing warm clothes. 

The modern-all salon capes are made out of polyurethane or coated nylon providing similar protection while being more comfortable.

Good Quality Hair Cutting Capes Have the Following Characteristics

  • Wrinkles Free
  • Water-Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Chemical Proof
  • Stains-Resistant

Buy Hair Cutting Capes at the Best Deals from GNM Apparel

At GNM Apparel, we design stylish bleach-proof & water-repellent cutting capes for salons throughout the US, and worldwide. Made out of the finest quality peach skin microfiber fabric, our heavenly-feel salon capes will ensure a pleasant experience for your clients. Our salon capes come in one size fit for all. Each of our cutting capes is light in weight and breathable, so you won’t sweat and feel uncomfortable while you are cutting/styling the hair. Built to last, our salon capes are machine washable and drying without ripping, shrinking, or morphing. The lead & nickel-free snaps won’t rust or break with time. We offer a 360-days guarantee on our salon apparel.

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