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What Kind of Client Robes Can You Get For Your Salon?

Client robes are a wonderful way to treat your customers well. A well meaning salon will leave no stone unturned to please their customers. A good salon that wants to upgrade and expand their business will definitely invest in custom salon apparels. 

What are client robes used for?

It is every salon’s duty to ensure that their clients are comfortable. Most clients that come to salons use this time as their leisure time. A good salon that ensures comfort ensures that the customer frequents their salon. It is good customer service too.

Client robes are free size robes that make your customers comfortable while they enjoy your services. 

While cutting capes, gowns and robes are interchangeable terms, they mean different things. 

Capes are used while cutting hair. Capes are long sheets of fabric draped around the customer to prevent hair getting on their clothes. Gowns are long coat-like lightweight wrap arounds with sashes that are thrown over clothes to create a modest appearance. Salon robes on the other hand may be worn as the only garment. 

As a classy salon owner, it is important that you know the differences between all three to ensure a unique experience for your customer. Salons have very heavy competition. We recommend pulling all the strings possible to ensure that your customer remembers you. 

Let’s delve into the different types of client robes you may get. 

Styles of Client Robes

  • Kimono Salon Robes

Kimono salon robes are long flowy garments that can be worn over bare skin. 

A kimono robe has long sleeves and a sash in the middle to tie the ends together. There is a lot of overlap to accommodate bigger sizes. These robes usually have a snap closure either at the neck or above the sash to snap the robe into place. They are easy and fast to put on. 

The G&M kimono robes are made of peachskin to give customers a very luxurious experience.

  • Snap Front Salon Robes

Snap Front Salon Robes are client robes that are open at the front and have clasps down the seam. 

These salon robes are more time consuming to wear than the kimono robes but more fool proof. They stay in place and avoid mishaps. 

These robes are more comfortable and let your customer relax even more than the kimono robe. There are no knots that the client has to be careful of and can simply relax. 

  • Zipper Robes

As the name suggests, these client robes have a zipper either down the front or down the side. It is usually recommended that the zipper be placed in the front for maximum comfort. 

Side zippers may get in the way while changing sides. Salon services are meant to be relaxing. It is better to optimize your salon apparel for optimum comfort for the best customer experience.

  • Velcro Robes

These client robes can either be knee length or shorter. They are open in the front and have velcro sewn along the hem. While adorning, your customer just needs to press the sides of the robe together to wear it. This is very comfortable and a well sewn robe will not have any edges poking out from anywhere. 

However, velcro robes may be on the more expensive side owing to the extra sewing and velcro required for professional finish. 

  • Embroidered Robes

You may or may not opt for embroidered robes. Depending on the density of the embroidery, the robe will cost a pretty buck. Although most salons do not opt for this, you may if you have the resources and budget to do so. It sets your salon apart from the rest and gives you an edge. 

What Kind of Fabric Should You Use?

Currently the most popular materials are peachskin and silkara. 

Peachskin is soft and a little fuzzy that is very soft and comfortable on the skin. It is microfiber fabric and is 100% polyester. It feels luxurious on the skin. It is used for special events. Make your customer feel special. 

Silkara is faux silk and 100% polyester. It is waterproof, and may be a good choice for salons that have a lot of business. It is also easier to wash and dry. It feels less luxurious than peachskin, but is less expensive. 

Visit us for salon wearonline and place your order for a custom client robe or other apparel.  Add your logo or seek any other customization, we are happy to help. 

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