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4 Customizable Salon Products to Stand Out In The Industry

At present, the U.S market incorporates more than 86,000 well-established beauty salons, out of which there are 4000 barbershops. In addition, these salons, when combined, generate a whopping $20 billion as its annual revenue. 

Now, somewhere these figures are enough to let you know the increasing competition in the salon industry. And to overcome this hard as nails competition, standing unique has become the significant need of the hour.

So, here are four must-to-have customizable products to effectively market your salon

Customer Robes

Designed and made with silky soft and luxurious fiber, the customer/client robes are one of the significant elements to let you showcase your salon style statement. Usually, it comes with a non-detachable belt adding grace, durable, and well-polished silver snap button on the chest to protect your client’s attire appropriately.

Cutting Capes

While you’re serving your clients, it is essential to make them feel comfortable as well. A personalized salon cape comes with features like polished snap buttons around the collar (to adjust neck comfort), perfect size, and hand out design. 

Again, all these aspects are generic, which can be customized as per your clients’ or brand marketing demands.

Stylish Aprons 

While paying all your attention to the salon interior and customer services, never forget your precious hairdressers and other staff members. 

Make sure you consider them while marketing your brand. How? Well, just get some customized hairdressers aprons, so whenever they handle any customer, they act as your brand advocates.


These aprons can be made with different materials depending on your overall branding theme. Try the denim aprons for they are currently ruling the market.

Multi-sized Towels

Be it a hair wash or styling; towels are mandatory when providing almost any service at a salon. To add a unique flavor, get the towels personalized, probably with your branding color or logo. 

So, when are you stepping ahead to re-create your marketing strategies with an effective approach?

We, at G&M, provide custom-made salon apparel, including- robes, designer aprons, towels, and capes. All the products mentioned above are available at our online inventory. You can always contact us to get these salon products customized for your salon marketing purposes.

To make your shopping experience an economical one, we offer FREE retail shipping on all orders above $150.

To seek more details on the above-listed products, feel free to give us a call on 949-500-0029.

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