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4 Tips to Perfectly Manage Your Salon Apparels

While keeping an eye over placing comfortable chairs for customers, salon owners often forget to think of their staff’s operational convenience. If you have been one of those, then here is something meaningful for you.

4 Smart Ideas To Manage Salon Apparels

Glass shelves-

It is one of the classiest and convenient options to go for, especially when there is a scarcity of drawers. The glass for such shelves is stronger than the ordinary glasses to ensure better safety of belongings.

A few of the most preferred glass shelves types include- elevate, cafe, bleu, brie, charlotte, designer II, and solid brass designer II. These glass shelves can be used for placing salon hand towels and cutting capes.

Wooden drawers-

You may have installed enough trolleys in your salon, still, there is no harm in placing some additional wooden drawers on the top of wooden trolleys or anywhere else in the salon.

You can utilize these handy drawers to keep the client robes so you don’t have to struggle with opening every drawer & keeping your customers wait for a long time. 

This not just displays poor management at your salon but somewhere leaves a bad impact on the customers handling as well.

Tip: Such handy drawers can be placed near the hair washing basins to keep towels for customers' convenience.

Pole hangers-

Available in multiple styles, designs, sizes, and shapes, the pole hangers are perfect to showcase the denim style aprons or the other salon apparel you have for your hairdressers. These pole hangers do not consume much space instead offer enough space to hang multiple coats, jackets & other belongings in style. 

This smart furniture item can be utilized to hang your customers’ coats or jackets in a well-mannered way. 

Wardrobe-styled cases-

If you have got enough space then go for the wardrobe styled cases with classy light fittings to add more grace to the overall interior. This will not just give you additional space to store hairdressing capes, salon robes, hairdressers aprons but will help you display your interior sense in an impressive manner. 

So, when are you getting these classy furniture options to your salon? 

These salon apparel storage ideas can be amended to your existing salon. All it requires is to find an appropriate corner to install glass shelves or drawers suiting the overall interior theme.

In case, you do not find a perfect spot, there are plenty of handy trolleys, drawers, and shelves available in the market.

Stay tuned to know more about this!

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