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7 Salon Remodeling Ideas To Welcome 2020

When you are making plans to redesign your salon, you are actually heading towards improvement and a better future of your venture. 

And to help you do so, here we have got a string of some basic yet impactful ideas which will turn out as the key elements of branding your business in 2020.

Check them out.

Color Scheme

The wall color of your salon says a lot about your interior decor and taste. While many salon owners prefer to keep it subtle and clean, there are some who fall for the idea of vibrant colors and display exceptional art pieces on the wall.

For instance, if the wall color is white, then go for bright lime color highlights to grab the eyeballs. All in all, your chosen wall color must complement the furniture, interior design, and flooring. 

Client Robes

One of the basic conveniences for your guests is the customer robes s they can be a medium to promote your business while promoting professionalism.

Thinking how? Well, for this, all you need is to get some personalized salon robes which will market your business effortlessly. The custom touch can be given using- brand color, message or business logo.


When it comes to choosing a flooring type and color for your salon, always go with dark or wooden floors. Otherwise, waste hair on the floor makes the salon look at its worse and demands constant cleaning too.

Light Scheme

Lit up every corner of your salon so your customers can check out their make-up or haircut in any profile they desire. The most recommended light types include- accent, ambient, vanity, and task.

Stylish Aprons

Just like the salon interior, your staff members must look presentable too. So, get some personalized hairdresser aprons in your brand color and displaying the business logo in style. This not just adds value to your salon's reputation in the market but promotes your business impactfully. 


Your hairdressers need a stack of clean towels to keep things hygienic for the clients.

Offer your customers towels with your brand color or logo imprinted. It is not just about the color but you can go with endless customization to stand out of the crowd.

Cutting Capes

While you offer cutting capes, make sure to give your clients enough convenience and comfort. For this, choose capes with a design that allows them mobility enough to read a book, magazine or surf social media while your hairstylists do the job.

These ideas may demand customization as per your salon location, budget, and other aspects. 

G&M offers a suite of fully-customizable salon apparel including- client/customer robes, stylish denim aprons, cutting capes, and towels. All these products are prepared on-demand. To proceed or to get detailed information on the listed products on our website, feel free to dial 949-500-0029.

To know about more such salon business improvement ideas, stay tuned with us!


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