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7 tips for taking the best IG photos for your Salon

Social Media Platforms have been ramping up the levels of marketing like anything! Where older modes of marketing were limited to promoting the products to their customers, social media has taken the process to another level by making it to the screens of their smartphones.

The marketing task might appear facile but a full-fledged digital war has been waged within the businesses! Newer ways are being invented to keep up with the competition to entice the attention of the audience!

Where start-ups and individuals are not missing on single opportunity to channelize its potential, the big players are perceiving a threat to their existence with the unraveling of this digital era and have realized the need of framing fresh and newer strategies to survive the cut-throat competition.  

Social media has put everyone (including big-players) at par with one another. In a way, pedestals have been taken off from those who have earlier been enjoying a clear monopoly!

Long story short, if you are an entrepreneur and desire to make a mark of your brand, then now is the time to embrace the social media platforms! And among the most popular social media platforms is Instagram, where you can create a huge following by just putting a wide and attractive range of clicks!

It is no less than a golden opportunity being served on the platter whereby putting minimal effort you can reap the innumerable results and make your brand widely popular.

So, if you are a Salon owner and looking for the best ways to post your Instagram pictures, then put your best foot forward with our amazing tips to create a great impression on your audience with your Instagram account.

1. Arts performed:

Whether it’s about make-up, hairstyles, or spa-services, nothing works better than uploading the pics of your amazing art. By putting the clicks of your work, you signal a  clear assurance to the public about your terrific skill-set and talent.

This way, they are naturally drawn towards you without you having to utter a single word in the context of your marketing.

In fact, advertising the pictures of your stupendous work is by far the best alternative and perhaps the most effective way to advertise your brand.

2. Decor :

Even if you are clicking the pics of your amazing decor and arrangements to put it on Instagram, it will create a huge impact in the minds of the people. You never know what draws them to the salons! Sometimes it's just about experiencing a refreshing time that gets them to the doors of your beauty salons. Or maybe the need to get the extra special treatment while availing the various services!

So it's a great strategy to put the pictures of candlelit decors and luxury arrangements to reach their minds and igniting an idea of having a tranquil experience at your place

3. Crew:

When you post the pics of your crew neatly and professionally dressed in the personalized salon capes and aprons, it gives away a very good impression about your salon! It reflects a lot more than you perceive!

Classy and elegant salon apparels can give away the implied indications of your sincere professional attributes and a strong sense of duty.

It’s great to capture the natural and random clicks of your staff performing the various tasks. Also, a few posed ones can do the trick to put a prepossessing impact on your salon’s Instagram account!

4. Logo:

One of the powerful segments to intensify the impression of your brand is to propagate the logo of your brand. Back in the days, when Coca-Cola emerged as the most celebrated brand in the market, one of the biggest secrets of its success remained the publicity of its logo!

So if you desire to reach that level of popularity, you can put the innovative and attractive pics of your salon capes with the logo or perhaps on the other articles accentuating your company’s logo.

This way you can put a glittering magery of your brand across the globe with the help of your Instagram account. 

5. Sign-boards:

The attractive and innovative pics of your signboards sometimes work wonders in catching the eyes of your customers. So have fun with clicking the pics of your showroom’s board signs from some of the most amazing angles and put it across the people to let them share their views on the creative side of your salon!

6. Organized Events:

The grandeur of your brand depends upon the size of your organizational events! Don’t ever miss the opportunity to put the extravagant clicks of your grand events and collaborations on Instagram for it can get you a great clientage based on your rousing achievements and success.

7. In-house Celebrations:

The best way of marketing is to establish a personal connection with the audience that comes with sharing the pictures of your in-house celebrations.

Just as you celebrate a certain festival or occasion, sharing the personal fun-moments of your staff on Instagram can magically work in your favor to create a deep bond between you and your customers. These little steps work behind the scenes to get you the big rewards of customer’s loyalty, wide publicity and generation of positive sentiments with little effort.

Hope you enjoyed reading the great ideas and will incorporate it in your practice to gain maximum from your company’s Instagram accounts!

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