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How To Boost Bookings For Your Local Salon?

Does Your Salon Have A Deserted Look?

Both men and women want their hair to be perfectly styled and look lively and voluminous. If you look around, almost every street has a barbershop, hair or beauty salon of some kind. With so much cut-throat competition in the industry, running a salon is as demanding as running a corporate office.

No matter how skilled you and your hairstylists are, if your customers don’t know that your salon exists, you won't have enough new clients to survive and thrive in your area.

But, don’t you bury your head in disappointment as today we’ll be enlisting smart salon marketing ideas to open flood gates of customer bookings.

So, scroll down and look at these practical tactics:-

1.     List Your Salon on Popular Online Directories

Do you know that 84% of people surf the Internet first to look for products or services they want before stepping out of their homes?

So, this means your salon requires you to show up in popular search engine search results. Listing on the public telephone directory simply won’t work in this digital epoch. 

Create your business profile on local online business directories such Yellow Pages, Foursquare, HotFrog, etc.

●       Google My Business

Do you know 3.5 billion Internet searches are made on Google every day? Therefore, it is a no-brainer to have your hair salon listed on Google My Business.

●       Yelp

With millions of worldwide users, Yelp is a medium of connecting people with local businesses.

Whether in search of an elegant restaurant for a romantic dinner with someone special or getting recommendations on the best plumbing specialist in the town, people trust Yelp before deciding.

This makes an impressive case for you to have a profile for your hair salon on Yelp.

●     Facebook

Facebook is much more than a social networking channel that connects people across borders, diverse cultures, and traditions; this has developed into a powerful weapon for businesses seeking new clients, just like your hair salon.

●      Salon Promotions

Today, everyone loves a deal or special discount; it has a magical ability to manipulate our minds. So, run special campaigns to promote your professional hair styling and coloring services.

Some proven promotional ideas include:-

  • First-Time Visit: Have a special discounted price for all your new customers.
  • Last Minute Specials: In case you have a free appointment during the day, and a client requests a last-minute offer, present them a small discount to encourage them to keep coming back to your salon again.
  • Monthly Specials: Keep attractive discounts on specific services each month. This will draw customers looking for that service, but also uplifts the curiosity of those who haven’t experienced the service before.

●      Branding

If you want your hair studio to grow into a brand in your target market, then consider defining your salon’s unique identity. First of all, what is a brand all about?

It is the essence and soul of your business and is expressed through:-

  • Your company’s name and logo
  • Your fonts and colors
  • Your professional images
  • How you communicate with your customers

Why Is Having a Salon Brand So Indispensable?

  • Competition today is fiercer than ever before, and having a brand helps you stand out.
  • It lets you identify the right audience and assist with the best ways of communicating with them.
  • It allows you to attract the right people, those who identify your brand and value.
  • If you create a powerful brand, you’ll drive more bookings.

The secret of building a stellar brand is the recipe for mapping your customer base and hair salon personality — mix them both, and your brand is ready. Next is visually communicating your brand through a logo, brand, colors, etc.

Investing in brand customized salon apparel can bring a myriad of positive benefits to your business and even inspire your staff to go that extra mile in matching the expectations of your clients and live up to the brand image.

A uniform with your brand logo or tagline embroidered adds a degree of professionalism and presents your salon memorably.

Let us know what you think of our recommendations in the comments section below:

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