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Ultimate Shopping Guide For Choosing Hair Cutting Cape

Choosing quality salon apparel for designing a new salon or upgrading the existing one is easier when you know your options. With the correct information, you can get everything from waterproof cutting capes to styling aprons in comfortable & long-lasting materials.

One of the most important things to glam up your hair salon is a high-quality hair cutting cape. Your Clients pay a lot of money for quality service and you can enhance their experience by taking care of your salon wear.

According to IBIS World, at present, there are 967,013 hair salons businesses alone in the US. You need a wow factor to compete against such a huge number of salons.

Here is the ultimate shopping guide that'll help you to choose the best hair cutting cape for your barbershop, salon, or personal use.

Decide The Best Fabric Blend

Selecting the fabric is one of the most important things while choosing the hairdressing capes. Some salons use single fabric while others got woven into a fabric blend such as microfiber and polyester.

Good Quality Hair Cutting Capes Have The Following Features:

  • Water-resistant
  • Chemical Proof
  • Stains-resistant
  • Wrinkles Free
  • Heat Resistant
  • Static Electricity Resistant

These fabrics will undergo various treatments to resist some of the strongest solutions including chemicals, bleach, perm solution, hair color, etc.

It requires a special coating for your cape. Capes with waterproof polyurethane coating offer the highest level of durability and protection. It has the strongest chemical proofing.

Besides the physical properties of the cape, you must consider that certain fabrics requirest special maintenance. It is true that high-maintenance fabrics blends can cost you more money. However, don’t choose cheap fabrics either.

Check The Weight And Breathability Of The Cape

Wearing a cape shouldn’t feel like carrying armor. What you need is a comfortable and lightweight hair cutting cape that keeps your client cooler and more comfortable.

Let’s also not forget the breathability of the fabric. It is the property of the fabric that allows moisture vapors to release easily.

With the latest innovations and advanced technology, the chemical-proof salon fabric can be breathable and lightweight.

Degrees Of Resistance

Resistance to water, stains, and wrinkles are some of the great features to invest in. Other than being comfortable, haircutting capes should repel water to keep your customers dry.

When water repellent hair cutting capes are exposed to water, the water droplets should simply slip off the fabric. Even if you are not shampooing or washing your clients’ hair, you’re most likely to use a water spray for easy cutting and styling

Nylon/poly iridescent fabric is a good example of a wrinkle-free, stain-free, and water stain-resistant hair cutting cape.

Pattern Vs Solid

You can choose a solid or pattern design for your hair cutting capes that give you a professional look.

Since salons are an essential part of the beauty industry and you need beautiful designer capes to attract the customer. The common design in most of the salons is plain black, brown, and burgundy. They are the most preferred choice because of their ability to hide stains.

But having unique hair salon capes designs make you stand out the crowd. It gives you a unique identity and a new experience for a client.

Experiment with either the reversible or traditional style. Choose from a large variety of prints,  patterns, and unique designs to highlight your salon’s personality.

Pay Attention To Its Closing Style

Do you want magnets, hook-and-loop, or fixed snaps on your hair cutting capes? Always remember that the closure must be adjustable to match all kinds of clients. Velcro and snaps are the two most popular choices for cape closures. They both have individual benefits.


  • It offers an adjustable method of closing the haircutting cape up.
  • It offers high resistance against strong chemicals.


  • They are the most secure and reliable closure manner.
  • They are available in various designs and styles.

Note: While choosing snap, make sure they do not detach from the fabric after a while.

Find the Best Haircut Cape

Whether you’re a hair/beauty influencer or a salon owner, you need a hairdressing cape for your business.

At G&M, We provide all kinds of custom-made hair cutting capes, client robes, stylish aprons, designer towels, etc. Feel free to call  949-500-0029 to get these products customized according to your needs and requirements.

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