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7 Facebook Tips To Boost The Footfall Of Your Salon

Every business, whether it's big or small, needs a vibrant online presence to attract more customers and flourish in the market. 

As per a recent study, the global spa industry is estimated to grow at 5.7% CAGR 2018 to 2023. We are living in an era of ‘bricks and clicks’ so every respectable business needs to be visible online. 

As a salon owner, you can skyrocket your business by capturing the massive base of customers growing on Facebook. 

Especially on Facebook - the largest social media site in the world - you can expect to get a huge number of likes on the Business Page and increase the followers. 

Here are seven tips to promote your salon using Facebook:

1. Post Informative Content

People want to be updated about their favorite stylists, products, and services they use. So, share valuable information on your social media accounts to engage with your current and prospective customers, spread more awareness about the products and services and create brand loyalty among customers. 

Create descriptive posts about the beauty and hair products you use in your salon such as personalized salon capes, robes, towels, customized aprons. This, in turn, would make your clients learn about your market standards.   

2. Paid Advertising

In the initial phase of your marketing plan, use paid-advertising on Facebook. Create and run multiple campaigns using simple tools to reach more people, get more followers and increase footfall in your salon. 

As Facebook is intuitive and user-friendly, you can only target those who show interest in your hair salon or whom you consider might be your prospective customers. As you start minting money,  reduce your ad budgets to keep the financials balanced. 

3. Use Rich Media

According to the DigitalSherpa, 80% of your customers watch videos posted on Facebook. So, post rich media on your business page. By rich media, we don't mean just videos. It’s much more than that such as photos, and GIFs animations to keep your followers engaged. 

For instance, make a special video introducing your new services, and give a live demo about new buzzing hair styling to compel interested users to visit your salon. 

4. Use Geolocation

This feature lets you promote your business in a particular area, where your prospective customers are located. This would allow your audience to see the content you post and the ads you run.

As Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users, its geolocation feature is quite useful for the salon industry. You would be able to reach those who are genuinely interested in visiting your salon. 

So, it saves your time and resources to target a more profitable market.

5. Build Partnership

Utilize collaborations to propagate your business across the targeted market. Collaborate on social media campaigns to leverage each other’s followers for mutual growth and success. 

For instance, take a moment and give a shoutout to prominent names in the salon industry. Lifting each other up would help you earn genuine praise and help both businesses to grow faster. 

Maybe you want to go a little further and offer exclusive deals in partnership with fellow salon owners. Well, promote packages through social media, targeted emails and websites.  

6. Likes and Shares

Request your salon team members, suppliers, and even customers to like and share your page and posts on their timeline. This puts your salon in front of the untapped market and builds your brand awareness with the team’s friends and family members. 

Throw some lucrative discounts and deals that entice people to visit your page. Most of the people follow official facebook accounts to get special online discounts. How about if you run a contest and winners get a special deal on your exclusive salon service? 

7. Leverage Social Media

Make the noise to get heard. Cover the wide spectrum of social media channels. Cross-promote Facebook on your other social media platforms - Instagram, twitter and more. Invite your e-newsletter readers, put an eye-catching CTA with all links of your social media pages. 

Advertise social media accounts on your printed appointment cards, gift cards, and loyalty program. Run exclusive contests on Instagram, for instance; post a picture of your new winter pedicure with your brand name hashtag and be entered to win your next pedicure for FREE. 

Promoting your salon may churn out a hefty sum of money but on Facebook, it is the wisest call to enjoy decent returns on the investment. Create a business account on Facebook while keeping the budget minimum. 

Hopefully, this post has introduced you to some new tactics that will help you harness the potential of social media marketing for your salon.

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