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Do's & Don'ts of Logo Placement On Salon Wear

Ever wondered why a business logo is such an indispensable element of branding? It grabs instant attention, creates a first impression, and makes your brand memorable or forgettable. Further, it differentiates you from your market rivals and decides if it is worth investing in or not. 

Now, we come to the most crucial aspect, which is logo positioning in hair and beauty salon uniforms. The placement of the logo should be done in a manner it is highly visible, but at the same time should not look out of place. 

With this in mind, we've created a rundown of a couple of dos and don'ts for logo placement on work uniforms. So, let's scroll down and have a look:-


#1. Do Make the Logo Visible

The logo is the face of your salon brand or company, so make sure it is visible to your clients. Effective logo positioning boosts brand awareness and engagement with your customers. 

Consider the garment selected for the salon wear before deciding on the logo. Ideally, it should be at the front or back of the salon uniform.  Don't hide the logo in the buttock region or the lower side of the shirt.  

Also, the colour of the logo should be in sync with your brand logo colour scheme. A black salon shirt with a dark blue logo?  Who’s going to even notice that?  Think over it. 

#2. The Right Size

Printing a huge logo on the hairdresser's apron can make your company look small. Why? Because your clients will perceive it as a sign of desperate advertising. Instead of gaining the trust of your prospective clients, you may just drive away them with the in-their-face approach.

It is imperative to decide on the correct size. Also, get the salon uniform manufacturer's opinion on the logo size. Their extensive knowledge and practical experience could prove to be handy for you. 

#3. The Logo Must Have a Unique Identity

Your logo is a visual symbol for your brand. So, the logo should be easy to remember while communicating the brand message. If well-designed the logo can pique the interest of your clients at just one glance. 

A couple of pointers for a good logo design are:

  • Keep it simple
  • Never copy from your competitors.
  • Keep your colour scheme pleasant and not gaudy. 
  • Keep fonts legible 


#1. Don't Always Put Your Logo on Top Right or Left 

The placement of the logo positioning has a recall value. Placed on the top right or left, it either stays or fades away. Intricate or beautiful designed salon logos may not be affected by the placement. 

Consider the direction of how the logo and its tagline reads. When your client reads from the left first, it's quite natural to their eyes. 

Additionally do not place the logo too high on the uniform, away from the direct eyesight. So, print it at an optimal height only. 

#2. Don't ‘Think Out of Box’

Yes, creativity stirring in your mind when you think about salon uniforms, but hold your horses a bit. Don't place your logo at unexpected places as it will do more harm than good. The best logo placement options other than the left chest pocket are 

  • Sleeves
  • Vertical down the front
  • Upper back

Final Thoughts

Still, have doubts? Don't worry, reach out to one of our salon uniform designers for the right guidance you need. Call or text 949-759-2093.

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