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How to Pick the Right Fabric for Your Salon Wear?


Salon Wear

Over years, salon apparel has undergone change. Once used just as a staff uniform, it acts as a means to promote your salon brand and creates an impression on your customers now. 

Fortunately, to help you out, today, we’ll be highlighting the factors that can help you choose the best fabric while shopping for salon apparelSo, let’s scroll down and have a look:-

Fade Resistant and Wrinkle Free

Fade Resistant and Wrinkle Free

Ideally, a uniform is made from polyester,  rayon, and a little bit of Spandex. This keeps the uniform fade resistant and wrinkle-free throughout the day. 

Rayon is a clothing material that is derived from bamboo and is moisture absorbent than cotton. Besides, it is safe and comfortable for your staff to wear. 

At GNM Apparel, we offer a full line up of client robes and aprons made out of a composite fabric that resists wrinkles, fading & sagging after repeated washing. The comfortable fabric will make you tirelessly work all day long.

Our range is designed to add life to your salon’s brand and offers a fresh-looking uniform after every wash.

High Wash Temperature

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought great changes in our lives. Today, we have to take so many precautions to protect ourselves and others around us from contracting the virus. In that respect, infection control is important. If you want your hair salon’s uniform to be free of viruses, then go with a fabric that can be washed at a high-temperature. 

A fabric with a combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyester is a preferred choice as this material's longevity is not affected by washing at a high temperature.

It is durable and easy to wash & care for, and less likely to fade, shrink or lose its shape compared to 100% cotton material. The polyester material has moisture-wicking properties, meaning it will dry up quickly. 

Movability & Stretch

If you don’t want your hairstylists to be uncomfortable while working, then a fabric that contains spandex is an apt choice. Approx 97% Polyester with a hint of spandex will do the job. Spandex adds flexibility; therefore, the wearer can easily stretch without any discomfort. 

Although it expands with body movements, the fabric remains strong and quickly returns to its original state. Besides, spandex quickie dries when mixed with cotton or polyester. It improves the look and feel of the uniform. 

Our latest range features stretchable fabric client robes and stylist aprons with slim-fit sport detailing. The contemporary, figure-hugging styling will make your hairstylists appeal professional and smart without sacrificing all-day comfort.


Browse our wide selection of salon uniforms for hairdressing, spa, and salon staff. Choose from our huge range of designs and styles at the best prices.

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